ATTENTION: For Those Who Know They Want To Drink Less
But Don’t Want To Quit Completely

“I Knew I Didn’t Belong In
Long Term Therapy...

And I definitely didn’t want to go into group meetings...”
I Knew I Didn’t Belong In Long Term Therapy.
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Why Common Approaches To
Alcohol Issues Are Unsound & Ineffective And
Don’t Actually Deal With The Real Problem!

For many years to alleviate my social anxiety, my sense of not feeling good enough...

I drank a lot!

And sadly, the reason I drank was because I thought I wasn’t funny enough...

Or smart enough...

Without alcohol flowing through my bloodstream.

I would avoid social activities altogether if I wasn't drinking because I thought people would think I was boring!

Avoid Social Activities.

But the truth is I was frozen with fear that people would find found out that I needed to drink just to help me connect with them and feel like I belonged.

And of course, it didn’t help my weight either.

One of my friends once said...

‘Georgia, if you didn’t drink so much, you wouldn’t have a weight issue!’

And if I am honest with myself, I knew she was right.

But as I know now...

The drinking was not the ‘real’ problem.

And this is where most doctors and so-called “Experts” get it wrong!

The Big Issue For Me Was Trying To
Figure Out How To Drink Less
Without Having To Quit Completely...

That’s because I liked my Chardonnay, and I really didn’t want to say goodbye to it forever.

Expensive Resturant With New Boyfrend.

Today I want to share one of my many embarrassing drinking stories, because I want you to know that I’ve been there way too many times.

Here’s what happened...

I was on my way to a very expensive restaurant with a new boyfriend who I wanted to feel really relaxed with.

I wanted him to like me and felt I just wasn’t chilled out enough, so I decided to stop at a bar along the way for a ‘sneaky’ glass of Chardonnay.

I Felt I Needed To Take
The Edge Off My Nerves...

By the time I arrived at the restaurant, I was feeling a bit calmer and more confident and was excited about the evening.

When the waitress came over and asked us what we would like to drink I quickly said “Chardonnay please!”

So we ordered a bottle of wine, sharing what had happened in our week, and the evening was going really well.

But I noticed I was drinking much faster than he was.


In Fact, He Was Still On His First Glass Of Wine,
While I Was On My Third!

At the end of the meal, I excused myself as I was bursting to go to the bathroom.

I noticed as I stood up that I felt a bit tipsy and tried to act sober and not stumble my way to the bathroom.

I remember it was down a long corridor that seemed to run on forever...

I finally found the bathroom door, I noticed the light was out, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find the light switch.

Freaking Toilet Seat Was Down.

So, I closed the door and figured I could work it out for myself by guessing where the outside of the toilet bowl was.

I moved my legs to either side and...

A few seconds later, I started to feel this warm, wet feeling inside my jeans.

I saw I had urinated into my brand-new white jeans!

Then I realized the freaking toilet seat was down! I was mortified, and there was nowhere to hide!

You probably guessed the relationship didn’t work out...

But the bottom line was I needed to work out my relationship with alcohol.

Deep Down, I Knew I Wasn’t An
Actual Alcoholic, But The Only Option
Open To Me Seemed To Be Quitting...

But something just didn’t sit right with me.

Surely the traditional old-fashioned model of one option only couldn’t be it... could it?

Don’t get me wrong. I know some people need to quit and that’s right for them.

But what about all the people like me who just wanted to drink less?

You see down the track, I wanted a family and to be the kind of parent a child would be proud of... rather than embarrassed of.

I wanted to be the graceful drinker who could have a few glasses of wine, feel satisfied, and stop. Rather than indulging in my normal bottle and a half binge.

So, I made it my mission to sort myself out!

I left no stone unturned to understand the ‘real reason behind drinking too much’, so I could change my relationship with alcohol.

Hi, My Name Is Georgia Foster...
I Am A Clinical Hypnotherapist And
Creator Of The Drink Less Mind Method

Georgia Foster.

I’ve been helping men and women all over the world discover how they can drink less in the privacy of their own home...

Without group meetings and long-term therapy.

I’m the creator of a new, refreshing movement that defies the outdated concept that if you drink too much, you should never touch a drop again.

I mean, it makes sense because it’s a bit like how people who overeat are treated.

They learn how to eat in healthier and balanced ways.

So here’s my simple question... Why shouldn’t it be the same for alcohol?

I’m tired of the taboo attitude and the shameful way drinkers are treated!

And I am completely done with the “one size fits all” over-drinking label that straps you into a problem drinker arena...

Where I don’t believe most drinkers even belong.

That’s why I’m inviting you into my drink-less world.

And best of all, you can do it without having to do deep, paralyzing research or any real hard work.

Because I’ve done it all for you!

And you don’t need to experience the stops and starts of embarrassing moments and way too many memory-loss situations, either.

For Over 26 Years, I’ve Been Known
As The Alcohol Reduction Expert

I am proud to say I have helped over 100,000 people drink less.

Alcohol Reduction Expert.

And they did it... without anybody needing to know how they did it!

So, how can I help worried drinkers drink less?

By using a powerful yet simple approach that moves away from the limited commonly promoted options...

And moves into another reality that defies everything you’ve probably heard.

So how is that possible?

Well, have you ever heard the quote from Albert Einstein that says...

"We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
that we used when we created them."

My Method Focuses On
Exactly This Point

Because to solve a problem... you have to change your problem-solving mechanism.

I will take you through a step by step fully tried and tested drink less program that will take away the self-questioning of ‘Can I really drink less?’ ...

And then transform it into...

‘I am naturally drinking less without having to think about it, and it feels good!’

I want you to bounce into every day waking with a crystal-clear memory of what you said last night.

This means you DON’T need to email everyone to apologize for what you might have said or did that you can’t quite remember!

I want you to flourish in a world where your children and your grandchildren love your healthy drinking mindset.

They will love hanging out with you because you are a cool, fun and happy person who controls their alcohol rather than it controlling you!

Imagine the powerful legacy you’ll start for future generations too.

Powerfull Legacy.

My Three-Pillar Process Has Given My Clients
The Tools To Take On Stressful Moments
Without Thinking About Drinking...

They can also feel proud about how they cope with life without needing alcohol in their bloodstream.

Three Pillar Process.

And because of this, alcohol is consumed for fun rather than as a way to suppress worries and fears about the future.

Within just a few hours, people are taken from a place of fear and self-doubt about their ability to drink less...

To a clear pathway to identify the blind spots about their drinking and fill those spots with bona-fide tools.

All because of my simple process.

Imagine Less Drinking,
Which Means...

More Clarity.

You have
more clarity...

More Energy.

You have
more energy...

Less Booze Belly.

You have
less booze belly...

Healthier Liver.

You have a
healthier liver...

Now, Before You Tell Me
‘My Uncle Was An Alcoholic,
Maybe I Have That Gene.’
Forget That One!

Many People Who Have Been Happy.

And in my blueprint I’ll tell you why.

It’s helping people all over the world to re-shape their attitude to drinking and .... remember... without having to quit.

I can tell you though, there are people who have judged me heavily for even suggesting that people can drink less.

But I’m up for the challenge because my work has been personally reported by many people who have been happy to put their name and face to my method...

From Sky News, The Telegraph, The Morning Show, Psychologies magazine and more...

Sky News. The Morning Show. Good Housekeeping.
Psychologies. The Times. The Telegraph.

So, It’s Healthy To Assume That
Everyone In Your Life Is Not Going To Be
On The Same Page As You...

Because some people will judge you about your drinking which can make you a ‘sneaky drinker.’

Or there may even be people who want you to continue to drink the way you do because they don’t want you to drink less.

Eat a Whole Box of Chocolates.

And that’s because they are not ready to drink less themselves, and they hide behind your heavy drinking.

I remember a client of mine telling me how her husband would judge her for drinking too much wine, while he would eat a whole box of chocolates!

I mean, really?

Then there is the partner who counts every single beer like they are keeping score.

And that gets so irritating that inevitably more beer is consumed than was ever planned... just to annoy the partner.

Revenge Drinking
Is Real!

Don’t get me wrong, I know people love you, and are worried about your drinking, and THINK they are helping...

Revenge Drinking.

But, here’s the thing... it can have the opposite effect!

This is a private journey, and my Three Pillar process will guide you to a clearer and more trusting road to drinking less...

On your terms!

So, how do I know doctors and therapists are letting their drinking patients down with flawed and faulty methods?

Because I hear the stories every single day.

I receive daily emails from mothers, fathers, executives, retirees... plus many more people who say they feel unheard.

And they feel that they are put in a box so tiny and restrictive that it’s just too difficult to navigate their way forward.

So, they just keep drinking the way they always have...

Knowing deep down that it’s just not getting any easier for them to change.

For Years I’ve Watched
Traditional Methods Fail People...

A whopping 95% of the time, the changes people expect don’t happen, and they feel like something is wrong with them.

But there’s nothing wrong with them...

It’s the system and the treatment methods at fault.

So, when you decide to join me and the other people across the globe who have already taken part...

I’ll give you a sneak peek of exactly how I am going to guide you along the way in this simple 3 Pillar process.

Let’s hang out together while I show you behind the scenes what makes my method so successful at reducing your alcohol consumption.

I’ll show you the inside of my ‘Drink Less Report’ that will demystify your drinking concerns

And expose the misconceptions about alcohol and your relationship with it.

This helpful and empowering report is presented as an eBook that is going to help you understand exactly why repeated patterns of drinking occur.

Traditional Methods.

I Can Assure You It’s Not As Complicated
As The Doctors Make It Out To Be...

There are clear images and important information about particular drinking habits, which I am sure you will be able to relate to.

My priority is for you to be educated and enlightened about a topic that is usually deemed unfit for the “layperson.”

But I can assure you with my years of research and clinic experience...

I’ll make it easy for you to understand. Without dumbing it down. Because you’re not dumb!

It's time for you to have the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that has eluded you up until now. I am here for you.

Naturally Drinking Less
Is One Simple Step Away From
Where You Are Right Now!

The Drink Report Book.

Wait! I won’t be offering this one-time offer again!

Act NOW and Get 2 Incredible FREE BONUSES WORTH $197!

The first BONUS is:

What Type Of Drinker Are You.

What Type Of Drinker Are You?

My psychology questionnaire will help you know exactly what type of drinking personality you are.

Did you know there are different types of drinkers?

That’s why it’s hard to figure out how to drink less if you don’t know what type of drinker you are.

So, to help you figure out your drinking personality, I am going to include it for free. I want you to be in the driving seat of your drink less plan - not me!

I am your guide.

Remember, I’ve studied people’s drinking habits for over 26 years.

I’ve worked with them one on one in my clinic to resolve their issues without drugs, without long term therapy...

And without the world knowing.

I know what works, and I know what definitely doesn’t work!

And I can assure you most of what is out there is damaging your self-esteem, increasing your anxiety,

And making you feel hopeless about your drinking.

But there is also another worry that most drinkers have is their liver health.

They worry about how their years of drinking have affected this vital organ.

That’s why I’m going to give you another BONUS...

14 Day Liver Cleanse Plan.

14 Day Liver Cleanse Plan

My Liver Cleansing Eating Plan helps you take control of your own health with simple recipes that will fast-track your liver health while you are drinking less!

I want you to focus on the pleasures of life without getting stuck with the angst of...

“Is this going to hurt my liver while I have my favorite drink!”

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know...

Food can be just as damaging to liver health as alcohol.

And in some cases... it’s worse!

But just by eating certain foods each week and consuming certain non-alcoholic drinks can improve your liver health in all good ways.

I want you to spend your evenings making healthy choices naturally, whether it’s food or booze.

So you can wake up in the morning knowing you have done something good for yourself.

It’s Wonderful To Have A System In Place
Where You Know How To Move On From
Drinking Too Much To Drinking Less...

And that’s what these three pillars do for you. They will take you on a different journey than you were on before.

I want you to have the freedom to be that sociable person who manages their drinking...

While watching others drink more than you and secretly smile to yourself at your progress.

I want you to be that person that friends admire because you are naturally drinking less without it being an issue.

I want you to create exciting moments and future memories in your life whether you have a glass in your hand or not... and never be bothered either way.

I want you to enjoy what you drink, really taste it...

And savor it without it being an automated drinking moment where you are shocked that you have drunk as much as you have.

System In Place.

I Know You Can Do It Because
I’ve Seen It With My Own Eyes...

And The Years Of Being In The
Cold Face Of Being A Therapist
In This Highly Specialized Field...

The time to take action is right now, but if you need one more reason to do this for yourself here.

So, let’s recap one more time what you are going to get for $27!

You’re going to receive your Drink Less Report where you will discover the three pillars drink-less blueprint.

Included in your report are the most important aspects of alcohol reduction that will make it a breeze to shift to healthier consumption.

I want you to avoid the pitfalls of traditional methods that force you into quitting when you know you don’t want to... or need to.

You are also going to receive the critical questionnaire that explores what type of drinking personality you are,

So you can drink less in the right way for you!

Then I am going to give you another bonus...

The liver cleansing 14-day plan that will skyrocket your drink-less health goals and more!

Bundle Books.

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I Am Going To Make This A Really
Easy Decision For You So You Can
Fast-Track Your Drink-Less Goals...

By Giving You A 14-day,
100% Money Back Guarantee!

I know there are quitting programs everywhere but it’s hard to find a tried and tested drink less method

I know you are going to love my approach.

I believe it’s a guilt free, shame free method that gets the best results.

I’ve seen it for myself. But I want you to see it for yourself right now.

I know you will love having a discrete, confidential home-based solution.

And that is why you will have access to the information completely risk free.

This way you can access all the quality materials I’ve been giving to clients for years upon years.

I have people from the US, Canada, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries who now know there is a place to go…

Georgia Gives a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Where there is support… not judgment.

A place where you can drink less with kindness and care with real life tools.

I want you to succeed, and I know you can.

I’ll see you on the inside.


14-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

We know how hard it is to trust people over the internet... I don't blame you. That's why I want you to access the information risk-free.

This way, you can access my life-changing drink-less method, see the quality of the materials, understand that it can actually help you, and realize that I wouldn't put my credentials on the line for a drink-less plan that I did not legitimately know helps people and changes lives.

At this point, I’ve helped over 100,000 men and women around the world discover how to drink less without long term therapy or group meetings who have become raving fans.

I have medical doctors and physicians who refer patients and family members, as they know they don’t have the resources or the time to deal with the ‘real drinking issues.’

And I want you to feel confident in trying it all out for yourself, risk-free!

Money Back Guarantee.

You can access our guides for 14 days, and if for any reason you feel that I haven’t delivered, I will issue a 100% refund.

Just email and ask us for a full refund no later than 14 days after you enrol, and my team and I will handle the rest. Easy.

Take Action Right Now, I Won’t Be Offering This One-Time

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