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  • Everything You Need In One Portal. You can naturally drink less while saving money by taking advantage of this massive discount now.
  • Easy to use and navigate with this Online Training Hub. Access anywhere, anytime and on any device. Simple to use, even for those who are not confident in technology.
  • Step By Step Guidance by me to help you discover the power of hypnosis combined with my drinking personality psychology training.
  • Based on REAL Neuroplasticity training, this Drink Less Method is built on a foundation of success for over 26 years.
  • Exclusive - never to be found anywhere else opportunity to reduce alcohol consumption by up to half in seven days or less!
  • Convenient MP3 daily hypnosis recordings for you to listen to so you can relax and let the recordings do all the work, whether you are drifting into sleep or listening in the morning or afternoon.

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My 7 Days To Drink Less Program Is About...

You Managing Your Alcohol,
Rather Than It Managing You!

If you follow my 7 Day Program you will have the tools you’ve probably been searching for on Google...

With zero results.

I’ve done all the hard work for you.

I’ve done all the research and have done the clinic hours over 26 years...

Drinking Less Hard To Achive.

Address why drinking less has been hard to achieve in the past...

Drink So Fast And Furiously.

Build healthier sober coping strategies, so you don’t need to drink so fast and furiously...

Enjoy Drinking From A Calmer.

Enjoy drinking from a calmer and more trusting space...

Old Drinking Days And Ways.

Let go of the old drinking days and ways...

Improve Liver Health.

Liver health...

Drink Less Parent Or Grandparent.

Be the proud Drink Less Parent or Grandparent...

Typically, A Drinker Starts To Worry About
Their Health Around 45+
, Which Is When They
Feel More Mature And Established...

I’m talking about the men and women who drink alcohol on a regular basis who have earned their stripes in life.

They’ve worked hard, raised families, struggled financially, juggled massive ups and downs, and now want to enjoy their life a little more.

But this is exactly the time when the years of heavy drinking may start to show symptoms such as unusual tiredness, foggy brain and the extra tire around the waist!

Feel More Mature And Established.

I Back Up My Words With Real Tools,
Because I Have Been There Myself...

I help men and women drink less without anybody having to know about it.

After completing the 7 day program all people will see is a healthier, calmer and slower drinker.

Watch your friends look and wonder what you are doing but...

Remember, you don’t need to tell them.

You Need To Quit.

Alcohol reduction experts are hard to find because doctors and health professionals just don’t understand how to help patients drink less...

So the common advice is...

“You need to quit! It’s the only way.”

But I truly do not believe this is true for everyone.

In my heart, I know most people are not alcoholics.

I believe they are Emotionally Conditioned Drinkers - this is very different to what an alcoholic is.

I am tired of the shame and guilt drinkers experience, which often drives them to drink even more!

I believe...

"It's the thinking before the drinking that is the problem!”

The 7 Days To Drink Less Method I Created
From 26 Years Of Working With Clients
Face To Face Is Here For You Today...

Of course, when I first started out, there wasn’t a drink less method at all...

But after years of working in my clinic in London, UK, with bankers, lawyers, homemakers, and retirees...

I realized there was a BIG secret concern about how much people were really drinking.

7 Days To Drink Less Method.

I guess being a Trailblazer comes with some criticism...

And I have definitely had my share...

Because many people have judged me about my approach...

They do this because they chose the quit drinking method...

But I know this is not for everyone, and nor was it for me.

I know in my heart that my clients wanted to have a balanced approach that I call “Middle Ground Drinking”...

And this is exactly what I am talking about.

I’ve put decades into my Drink Less Method...

And I’ve done it on my own...

Because I knew there wasn’t anything out there like what I offer.

For Those Who Are Worried About Their Drinking You Can:

  • Drink less alcohol and wake feeling good each day.
  • Enjoy really tasting and savoring your alcohol rather than gulping.
  • Stop the internal struggle of ‘Should I have a drink or not!’
  • Embrace drinking alcohol like a connoisseur rather than chugging it.
  • Have confidence in your drink less future.
  • Stop drinking to suppress emotions.

I Have Been Featured In Some Of The
Top Newspapers In The UK, USA, And Australia Such As...
The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, And Regularly Interviewed On Sky News And The Today Show...

Daily Mail.

"She has hypnotised billionaires, politicians, actors and high-profile musicians,
though she’s far too discreet to name names."


"In the day following, I left two (boozy) dinner parties sober,
having had less than a couple of glasses of wine without giving it much thought.
I feel stronger, partly due to a new awareness of my personal triggers."

The Telegraph.

“Let’s be honest, nobody wants to live in a non-alcohol world.
But it’s about you managing your alcohol, as opposed to letting it manage you.
It’s about not using drink as escapism from day-to-day problems.”

You CAN Build A Happy Drink Less Life
Now And In Your Future...

But Only If You TAKE ACTION!

When you have the right resources, with the right tools and techniques you will finally...

Move On From Unhelpful Drinking Habits.
Move On From Unhelpful Drinking Habits

Know why your history of drinking is a habit you can unlearn.

Improve Your General Health.
Improve Your
General Health

You’ll discover how reducing your drinking improves heart, liver and intestinal health.

Be Present For Kids And Grandkids.
Be Present For Kids
And Grandkids

Enjoy being with your family without stressing about drinking too much and the fear of embarrassing yourself.

Live Free From Negative Drinking Thoughts.
Live Free From
Negative Drinking Thoughts

You won’t feel bad about your drinking but feel liberated about when you drink and why.

Develop An Intuitive Knowing That Supports Healthy Drinking.
Develop An Intuitive Knowing That Supports Healthy Drinking

You’ll know what your drivers to drink are and how to change them.

Enjoy Every Day Whether You Are Drinking Or Not.
Enjoy Every Day
Whether You Are
Drinking Or Not

You will be able to wake up in the morning and remember conversations you had the night before.

Discover How To Manage Your Alcohol,
Rather Than It Manage YOU!

You can do this through a life-changing program I created to help you become the well-paced drinker...

So you can enjoy your regular drinking from a calmer and healthier space.


7 Days To Drink Less - Book.

The 7 Day Step-By-Step
Method To Help You...

Emotional Relationship With Alcohol.

Change Your Emotional Relationship With Alcohol...

Healthier Relationship.

Build A NEW Healthier Relationship With You...

Sober Coping Strategies.

Create Sober Coping Strategies...

Drink Guilt Free.

Drink Less And Truly Enjoy What You Drink Guilt-Free...

Bullet Proof Drink Less.

Develop A Bullet Proof Drink Less Future...

Drink Alcohol From Calmer.

Drink Alcohol From A Calmer And Happier Space...


Yesterday, Someone Asked Me If I’d Had A Facelift!

“I don’t know if it’s because I have more energy and I am more active, but I’ve lost 7 pounds! People keep saying how weel I look. Yesterday, someone asked me if I’d had a facelift. I thought I needed alcohol to relax, to make life more interesting, to make me more interesting.
It’s just not true.”

- The Independent Newspaper


Alcohol Is Becoming A Treat Not A Habit!

"With a program to stick to, it’s not as hard as I imagined... I have just had five small glasses of wine in the past 10 days - a huge improvement... I feel stronger and more accepting of my own current situation, so there was less of an internal struggle and less of a void to fill with drink. Alcohol is becoming a treat not a habit."

- Psychologies Magazine - Rebecca Smith, UK

Daily Mail.

I Haven’t Had To Give Up Drinking Completely!

"My skin was clearer, and I slept better... By the end of the week, my usual total of 40 units is down to a more modest (for me) 21. Thanks to hypnotherapy... And the brilliant thing?
I haven’t had to give up drinking completely."

- The Daily Mail, Liz Hoggard, UK

My 7 Step Process
Is Clear And Simple




First, together we will identify and address how your mind has habitually been on autopilot with your regular drinking.




Then we will help your mind shift your thinking from a negative space to a healthier place. This means when you drink, you are not drinking to run away from your life!




We will build a new foundation with incredible sober coping strategies so you don’t need to drink as much or as frequently.




Create an ongoing strategy through the hypnosis recordings that liberate you from your unhelpful drinking past.




Develop incredible intuitive decision-making without a glass in your hand.




Embrace a healthier drink less life that you enjoy. Ignite the freedom to drink when you want to and confidently say no when it’s not the right time to drink.




Welcome to your freedom to drink in calmer and healthier ways, irrespective of your drinking past.

So Here Is What To Expect When You Sign Up
For My Full All-Inclusive Drink Less Program
With This Special One-Time Offer...

You will receive a 20 minute audio talk where you will discover:
  • Why do we drink too much
  • The unconscious mind and its emotional habits
  • The power of hypnosis to make positive change

The first of the 25 minute hypnosis is ready and waiting for you to just chill out and relax while your mind works its magic.

Introduction of Voice Dialogue theory with a 30 minute audio talk.

Today you will receive my very important discussion on why talking to yourself can be detrimental to your drink less goals and how to change this today!

  • The Inner Critic
  • The Intuitive Healthy Confident Part
  • Introducing The Perfectionist
  • Introducing 'The Pleaser

Includes 25 minute hypnosis.

What we will be discovering today in the audio talk of 30 minutes is:
  • Introducing 'The Inner Child'
  • Creative, loving, unconditional, rejection, fun, spontaneity
  • The Inner Child loves alcohol

Setting Realistic Goals for Your Life:

  • Setting realistic drink less goals
  • Creating different responses

Includes a 25 minute hypnosis recording.

AFDs - Alcohol-Free Days
  • How it is important to have AFDs
  • How to train yourself to experience AFD's with ease

Includes a 25 minute hypnosis recording.

Extended version The Inner Dialogue Theory
  • Recognising the Inner Critic and how it sabotages drinking less
  • Common blips
  • The Inner Critic doesn't like change

Liver Health:

  • Alcohol is not the only way to damage your liver!
  • Your liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself
  • Liver cleansing benefits

Includes a 25 minute hypnosis recording.

And the Bonus 5 minute hypno-blast version for when you need to get into a quick drink less headspace while out and about!

The Future
  • My incredible Mind's Eye Technique
  • I am going to show you what my famous clients from the acting world, the sports arena and high-level executives achieve with this incredible hypnosis process!

Includes a 25 minute hypnosis journey into your future.

How to continue to have a drink less mindset:
  • The Domino Effect of this program in other areas of your life
  • Looking back on reflection at your success
  • How to have healthier habits moving forward
  • The only way is up!


On Day Seven, You Are Also Going To Receive
The Bumper Bonuses!

Bonus 1.

Bonus 1

Anxiety Reduction program to help ease your nerves rather than reaching for that drink valued at $97!

Bonus 2.

Bonus 2

Three Brand New Subliminal recordings to fast-track you even more valued at $67

Bonus 3.

Bonus 3

My Drink Less Mind ebook comes with 3 extra recordings valued at $59!

All this value is yours today, so please don’t keep your head in the sand.

My Seven Day Strategy Is
Based On 26 Years Of Helping Clients
Get The Best And Fastest Results...

Without you having to visit me in my clinic!

As well as the price tag too.

I normally charge $600 per private appointment, so it’s a really great way to experience the same resources and tools as you would if we met in person.

The good news is you don’t need to travel to Melbourne, Australia…

You don’t need to leave home either to get the same results as my clients do.

Seven Day Strategy.

Start The Revolutionary
Drink Less Life Right Now!

7 Days To Drink Less Product Showcase. For A Limited Time.

For A Limited Time

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Georgia Foster - Drink Less Journey.

I look forward to being your guide on
your Drink Less Journey.

Big hug,

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If you suffer epilepsy, please consult your doctor first, however, hypnosis is a safe and natural brain activity for everyone to experience.

It is the lovely half awake, half asleep moment we all have falling into sleep at night and waking in the morning.

In fact, you can't go to sleep without going into hypnosis first.